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How do we motivate Americans to be more conscious about lowering food waste?



In the United States, food waste is a growing environmental issue. The consequences of this trend are more food in our landfills, less food for people, higher greenhouse gas emissions, and loss of natural resources. 


Every consumer can lower food waste. My project began with online research followed by interviews that aimed to understand how individuals understand their role in wasting food. Using this evidence-based research, I designed five deliverables targeted to address the most significant human behaviors that lead to food waste.


Food Waste Posters


When I began researching food waste, I was surprised to learn the harmful effects this waste has on the environment. To address this problem, I created posters with tips and tricks that encourage people to re-use their food scraps. 


Neighborhood Food


I created a website called Neighborhood Food to provide an avenue for redistributing excess food in any one household. Through the Neighborhood Food website, users can donate food items they have purchased or grow. Users can search by neighborhood to  find food and connect with their neighbors.


Shelf Life App


Based on my user research, a major contributor to food waste was people forgetting about the food they had purchased or not paying attention to food expiration dates. To solve this problem, I created an app to educate people about proper food storage and remind users about the food they have purchased.

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