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Succeeding and Failing in
Make Believe 

Book Design, UI/UX



The project objective was to choose one episode from this American Life and translate the audio file into a 100 page book. 

I choose episode 566: The Land of Make Believe. The big challenge to this project was, how do you take a story meant for listening which includes elements other then words and translate it in a story for reading?

To solve this problem I began with researching each story. Following the theme of make believe worlds I decided to create the book in a children's illustrated style design. I looked at many different children books for ideas. From my research I discovered that children's stories are often very small and filled with many illustrations. In order to successfully create a book with 100 pages I decided to create a classic clean style with illustrations. I used two typefaces, Adobe Garamond and Futura. Every weight and character style used in the book has been designed for a specific purpose to help show emotion, pauses in speech and music. 

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